You can personalize Danny with vinyl stickers and aluminium accessories.
 Our Pinocchio shown at  Tuscanic  restaurant in Soho - London.
 Pinocchio is the main Tuscany icon, land well known for its superb wines and tasteful food.
Wooden magnets
 Mini trofei per i campionati mondiali di boomerang Kiel2016. Compensato nobilitato frassino
Otto the pencil holder
Foldable Xmas tree
 The 16 wooden sticks can be set in the desired position for infinite configuartions.
 Close-up of the teak version.
Wooden car
 Smooth lines, rounded corners and glossy finish
 colors, shapes, volumes. Everything children need to grow up.
Ice cream toy
 A full load of ice creams is ready to be delivered for this incoming summer!
 Flute or ice cream?
 It looks like our ice creams are really tasty!
Super Mario pixel art
 154 small wooden "bricks" to make this pixel art mosaic.
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